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April 24, 2014

Capture his heart and make him love you for ever – is it a dream?


Well, of course the idea of romantic love is not a dream — most of us know that that exists from personal experience. The question is really rather about how you can actually go out there and find romantic love, in a world where cynicism and difficulties seem to prevail around relationships.

1-300_can-you-make_1a (17)Misunderstandings are rife, usually down to a lack of clear communication, and trust is often difficult to establish because people have been hurt so badly in the past.

And so, with such a background you’re into that relationships, how you are going to find a way of locating your soulmate?

Could it be that what you’re going to have to do is turn to an Internet program of relationship advice, preferably written by an acknowledged expert in the field?

I think the answer, as you may already have guessed, to that question is a definite “yes”. And the reason I say that with such confidence and the degree of emphasis is that I am a supporter of a gentleman called Mike Fiore and a woman called Claire Casey (see her photo below), who together have written and marketed a program of relationship advice for women called Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

1-300_can-you-make_1a (2)Now you may think this sounds very trite and simplistic, and I must admit when I first came across it I would have agreed with you. But the reality is that I have bought the program, and examined it with the keen eye of a counseling psychologist.

You see, Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever describes all of those aspects of male behaviour that most women want to understand, but have no way of doing so.

In other words, the mystery of male behaviour, that has confused many a woman, is explained fully in Capture His Heart, to the degree that a woman will be equipped with the ability to make a man love her, simply by making him feel that he is understood in a way that no other woman has ever been able to understand him.

I suppose you might be thinking at this stage that this sounds slightly manipulative, and my response to that is:  women have been manipulating men into relationships, and men have been manipulating women into relationships, since the dawn of time. It’s been called flirting, courting, pickup artists, and many other terms besides — what it all amounts to is an expression of a natural form of human behaviour directed to a particular objective — that is to say, having a wonderful, intimate relationship that satisfies the needs of both partners.

That’s why I can’t consider capture his heart and making love you forever to be manipulative. What I consider it to be is an extremely skilful exposition of many different factors about male behaviour and the way that men interact with women, so many factors that a woman who reads the program from start to finish will be absolutely fully informed about the ways in which you might capture a man’s heart, and she certainly stands a much greater chance of helping him to see how loving her forever might just be the right thing to him!

anger and emotions

February 13, 2014

What Lack of Anger Looks Like

Deflated, Inadequate

Boundary less. ‘I don’t need anger, boundaries, violence’. Passive aggressive, sarcastic. Expressing anger and aggression with a minimum personal risk.

Low self-esteem. Not believing I have any importance or that I exist in any meaningful way. Paralysing uncertainty instead of confidence and power. Feeling worthless. “I don’t matter”.

Being a victim. Easily manipulated. Getting picked on, betrayed, being a martyr. ‘You ruined my life after all I’ve done for you’. Betrayal. Antidote is loyalty. Being physically abused, existing within a dangerous environment, being in fear of punishment.

Weak will. Giving up, being knocked back by difficulties, not being consistent, steady, or determined. Being easily manipulated. Lack of energy. Being unreliable. Poor self-discipline. I can’t get up, I can’t get there on time, I can’t work. Being lazy. Low energy. Lack of follow through. Failure to build or complete.

I can’t do it. I can’t focus, I can’t stay on my task. Being continually distracted.
Self pitying, blaming, refusing to take responsibility. Blaming to place responsibility and our will outside ourselves.

Shame and guilt. The greater our shame the less we feel powerful, and the harder it is for us to forma strong ego. Shame blocks us and stops our liberating current flowing and so keeps us from effective action. We get stuck so we let our mind run the show.

If we are shamed or disapproved of for our efforts and our activity we start to distrust our selves, that our ego is the right one. Our sense of power diminishes, we distrust our abilities and fear the consequences of our worker energy. Feeling shame for the way we are manifesting, we inhibit our impulses and our power. We become constricted and self-conscious, loosing spontaneity and playfulness.

Child raising practices that break the child’s will to produce a “good” and “obedient” child will, by rejection or criticism, severely divide the child against itself. This will prevent it from developing its own inner authority. When our “inner King” is killed so early we take authority from outside ourselves in the authority figures around us, instead of from within ourselves.

Coping by avoidance. Avoiding confrontation and challenge. Letting others lead, avoiding risk and vulnerability. Not being able to maintain our boundaries or hold our commitments. Avoiding responsibility. Not being able to follow through or complete. Not being able to end relationships, or jobs, or to change our situation for the better.

Inflated: Savage / Defensive.

Aggression. Bullying, conquering, smashing, trashing others, being authoritarian, dominating of others, overuse of own will. Manipulative and power hungry.
Dominating, controlling, being overly aggressive, combative, abusive, hot tempered, temper tantrums, violent outbursts. Competitive, arrogant.

‘I can do it all’. Workaholic, perfectionist. Needing to be right and have the last word. Driving ambition. Hyperactive. Excess will trying to control everything.
Stonewalling, ‘I can take it’, ‘you’ll never get me’. Being stubborn.
Territorial gangster. Fights everything just to prove he/she exists.